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Participating in Good Causes make me feel, well…good.  No, GREAT!  I have recently decided to start giving back to my community in two really good causes.  I have selected them because they are fun for me and even my children.

The Olivia Act.  I have decided to give deserving families that have been nominated a free Session.  Please keep the nominations coming.


Selecting the Bread Basket was easy because our Elementary School (where I have 3 kids) participates in this awesome program.  Our school has a great group of ladies that organize donations, then the classrooms take turns filling the “Power Packs” and send them off to elementary kids in our area who need food for the weekend.  Great right?  I am excited to be collecting donations in exchange for a FREE Timeline Cover file at my upcoming Pasta Theme Session on February 9th & 10th, 2013.  More information coming soon…

I will have more information on these Good Causes soon.  But I wanted to get the word out.  Sharing and helping just feels GOOD…try it you’ll like it!


In Fall of 2013 Beth Moskal Photography was a Local Sponsor to the FARE Walk.  I took pictures of the families and walkers as they cross the finish line.  It was an amazing experience for a fantastic organization.  What is FARE?  Food Allergy Research & Education.

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