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Mini Theme Session

20-30 Minutes

1 Location

1 Clothing Change


A “Mini” or “Theme” session is a short session (20 minutes) that is located on a set or scene where you can come and get quick updated pictures in fun settings monthly for a great price.

Most often the scenes are at my studio.  Mini sessions are often outside but sometimes they are inside depending on the season or weather (January & February are inside).  Occasionally, I do Mini sessions in other locations.  However, they are predetermined times and locations.

I typically designate one weekend OR 1-2 Sundays a month for the mini sessions.   I do mix scenes up each year for variety.  So this years Pumpkin Patch will be slightly different from last years keeping it exciting and fresh for both me and you…I love to shop for props and this gives me a great excuse.

Here is a list of the types of mini sessions I have done in the past.

January – Valentine’s Day (Great for kids cards for school!)
February – Pasta Kids
March - Easter (with bunnies!)
April – TBD Suggestions welcome!
May – TBD Suggestions welcome!
June – Patriotic
July - Summer theme this year.
August – Back to School
September – NO THEME.  I am getting back to school with my kiddos.
October – Pumpkin Patch
November – Winter/Holiday
December – NO THEME.  I take time to spend with my family for the holidays.



The best way to schedule your appointment is to book online by clicking on the Schedule Now button on the right side of any page in my website.

Or click on this Schedule Now button.

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Or you can contact me via email at



Prior to your portrait session you will receive information on the type of theme that is happening for the season/event.  Please dress appropriately for your session.  Many times you will receive specific information for the theme if you need to bring special items with you such as towels for the baby pasta shoot, or donation items such as dog food for strays or animal shelters, or food  for Power Packs (food that goes to needy school kids)!



During Theme Events there will only be one or two days that appointments can be made.  There is a different theme each month and is normally available for a limited time.  Most of the themes average 20 minutes per family.  Sometimes there will be a short wait so please bring something for your family to do and maybe a drink/snack for the wait.



The exciting news is you will receive your own personalized APP for your smartphone, iPad, and computer that you can share with family & friends via email, Facebook, Pinterest & more!  You will receive your app in about a three weeks along with a link to your personalized gallery of photos to purchase prints, downloads, & more!

Review your portraits on your personal online gallery.  Please expect it to take up to three weeks for me to complete your edits.  As I begin to work on your session I may give you a few samples to choose your favorite style.  This way I can ensure the quality of the edits are to your liking.  Once completed I will upload them to your proofing gallery (Themes) and send you notification they are complete through email.*



Please visit your proofing gallery (Newborns).   You may share a link to your gallery with friends and family so they may also purchase prints of your portraits.  These prints can be delivered worldwide.  You must have a credit card to complete your purchase.  If you do not have a credit card please contact me and we can make arrangements.



You may purchase your digital files from your proofing gallery (Themes).  Again you will need to have a credit card to complete this purchase.   If you do not have a credit card please contact me to make arrangements.

* Photos can be password protected at your request.


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