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At the hospital



For your birth I will be “on call” so please just schedule with me for your due date and we will work around the actual timing of the birth of your new bundle of joy!

The best way to schedule your appointment is to book online by clicking on the Schedule Now button on the right side of any page in my website.

Or click on this Schedule Now button.

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Or you can contact me via email at


Prior to your birth session we need to get permission from your doctors allowing me to photograph your sweet new arrival.  Talk to you physician and let them know you would like me to be there to photograph you big day.  Let them know I will not be in the room during the actual birth.  However, I would like to be in the room prior to the birth, and shortly afterward.  I will document the first moments of you baby being weighed, measured, the cutting of the umbilical cord etc.  Please feel free to have your doctor contact me if they have questions or concerns.

It is always best that you let them know your intentions for birth photography.

Once you are admitted to the hospital, remind your doctor that I am going to be coming, and call me to let me know the time may be near! Once you are at about 6-7 cm, you should call me again.  Depending on the location of hospital and time of day I need to make sure I can arrive there in time.

If you would like me to create your birth announcements, please let me know but there is an additional fee for this service.



I will be “on call” for your birth session.

I photograph the “anticipation” and the “after”, but not the actual BIRTH.  Most hospitals will usually not let me photograph the actual birth due to liability. (If for some reason you actually want this, and the hospital agrees, we can discuss this then.)

For scheduled C Sections, please let me know when scheduling that it is an actual scheduled birth, and as the time nears, let me know what time you are to check in.  I will photograph the anticipation, then, after the baby is born, will accompany him/her to the nursery with dad for his/her “close up”!



I will edit a few right away and post them to your personal gallery so you can share them with friends and family.  Next, I will create you a CD ASAP!  The photos on this CD are only printable up to 4×6 size. For births, I edit the best photos in “sepia”, to avoid purple skin, blood and afterbirth being the focal point as opposed to the adorable baby in the photo!  I will also make a slideshow on DVD and will deliver this with your disk.

I will also upload them to your proofing gallery (Birth Galleries) and send you notification they are complete through email.*  This gallery link can be shared with family and friends so they may also order prints of your precious new family member.


I request “at least” $375. Dependant on how long I am at the hospital, special circumstances, and your gratitude, you can pay any amount over $375 if you choose. I will not request payment on the day of the birth, you have way more important things to think about…like changing that first diaper, and getting some rest!



Please visit your proofing gallery (Birth Galleries).  You may share a link to your gallery with friends and family so they may also purchase prints of your portraits.  These prints can be delivered worldwide.  You must have a credit card to complete your purchase.  If you do not have a credit card please contact me and we can make arrangements.

* Photos can be password protected at your request.

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