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Had a great time photographing a birthday party for two girls who turned 14!  Brought along some props and did a little photo booth type station for the kids.  It was fun having them dress up and seeing what outfits they picked.

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Athens is just amazing! While it wasn’t my first time to see this beautiful city, it was the first time we took our children. It’s amazing to see the world through their fresh perspective.

DSC4829 copy M Athens, Greece 2011

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Mykonos, Greece

July 5, 2011

DSC3904 copy M Mykonos, GreeceMykonos, Greece is a beautiful island. Click on the picture to see more of the photos I took while exploring one of my favorite places.

My husband and I returned Mykonos this summer with our children where we were married 18 years ago.

Keep posted to my website if you want to see more like these.  I have many more to come.


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DSC3272 OSPP2 L Americana Theme 2011This was a really fun patriotic theme! I am looking forward to doing this one again next year.

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Parade the Beef?

June 25, 2011

I was lucky enough to attend a Dining Out with a great group of folks from Naples.  I was not an official photographer for this fabulous event, but I snapped away quite a few pictures anyway…risking a trip to the grog each time I left my seat to get a better shot.

For those who attended you can see all the photos on my website by clicking HERE.  You will need to contact me personally for the password to witness all the fun!

(photos are in both color and black and white)

dsc 3031 bw fb Parade the Beef?

Parade the Beef? Don't you hate it when you parade the beef and it ends up being fish?

dsc 3038 bw fb Parade the Beef?

Parade the Beef! Ah much better, fit for consumption.

dsc 3123 bw fb Parade the Beef?

The dreaded Grog! Trust me it looks much more appetizing in black and white.

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DSC1815 copy M Caroline and Pasquale Wedding 2011Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a second shooter for this AMAZING wedding in the Praiano, Italy along the beautiful Amalfi Coast. I am truly a lucky photographer!

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I have a love to seeing generations together. Aren’t they Precious?

DSC0036 Final L Bazemore Baptism Party

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Corpsman Ball 2011

June 10, 2011

I am always touched at any Military Ball by the Empty Table representing our military members who can not attend whether they are missing or fallen in action…it’s a poignant reminder of the cost of our freedom.

DSC9064 copy 1 M Corpsman Ball 2011


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Class of 2011

May 31, 2011

DSC8044 M11 L Class of 2011Congratulations to the Class of 2011! Thank you to the Neil Family for allowing me to photograph your amazing son.

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I was honored when the Dutch Community from the NATO base requested I take photographs of their Annual Ball.  This party celebrates the Queen of the Netherlands birthday.  It was a fun and glamourous evening!
dsc 5076 fb The Queens Birthday Ball



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