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I came across this amazing post on “Fototails Photography” and I had to share…it’s a powerful message one that I feel deep in my heart. I treasure every portrait I have had with my family and extended family.   Please take the time to read this article and consider what you would do…



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So things in my home during the holiday season were a little more chaotic than normal.  I never even had a chance to send out my Christmas cards.  Then I was inspired!  I was doing some post holiday shopping I found these great templates for Christmas Cards.  I know, I know Christmas is so 2011.  I will have to keep an eye out for templates from Becky Higgins next year.  I love her products and for Christmas I ordered her Project Life for my 2012 Family Album.  Click HERE to visit her  fab website!

Anyway, here is my belated Christmas Card using a Becky Higgins Template.  Photo of my family was taken by my good friend Carol Alvarado.  Thanks for the great picture Carol!


christmas 2011 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Show off your Family!

September 11, 2011



Here is a book I recently created for a fantastic family.  To get a coffee table book for your family contact me!


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Bigger Really *IS* Better | Providence Photography.

To show you size REALLY DOES MATTER read this amazing article about why you should purchase larger than 8×10 portraits for your walls by Amy Ro Photography.

O copy 731x1024 Bigger Really *IS* Better  |  Providence Photography


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Oh So Wonderful…

August 9, 2011

I am loving the new Bohemian Symphony Collection from Oh So Posh Photography. These actions really rock my photos!

ospp moonlight Oh So Wonderful...

love couture Oh So Wonderful...

As you can see with this one I really under exposed it.  I was able to save it due to several factors:  1) I was shooting in RAW so there was lots of data.  2)  ISO was 100 so it was not grainy.  3)  Luckily I was in focus!  Whew!  At this moment I am loving digital photography and photoshop!

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DSC5601 1 L Rock the Shot | Silhouette ChallengeI entered this photo into the RTS August Photo contest. Wish me luck!

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Had a great time at the Pozzouli Mercato del Pesce (Fish Market) this morning. The fishermen were so great and welcoming to us and our kids. We got to touch octopus (polpo) and saw lots of swordfish (spada).

dsc 9295 fb Had a great time at the Pozzouli Mercato

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My friend Emily and her hubby came to visit from Chicago. I convinced them to let me snap a few photos of them before they left! Thanks so much for staying with me and allowing me to show you around Bella Napoli!

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So here in Naples you never know what is going to happen during a photo session.  We were down a tiny little road taking pictures at a tunnel and along comes a Gelati scooter.  Somehow he must have sensed we were parched and all needed refreshment.  How cool is that?  He was so nice that he even let us all pose by his little vehicle.

dsc 8883 fb1 Constance is having a baby!

Thanks to Constance and Tony for choosing Renee and I to document this important time in their lives.

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Here is an interesting article about the pricing of professional photography for consumers.

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