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Getting together with friends is always fun, but getting together with new and old friends with a common interest is a blast!

Renee Williams (, Aldo, and ITT ( teamed up again for an amazing class for photography students.  We went to Sorrento, Italy on the Amalfi coast.  The class focused on aperture priority, depth of field, and low light situations like churches or restaurants.

While we photographed lemons, candies and trinkets, Aldo gave us the history of the city and coast.  We were serenaded in while we tasted lemon chocolates.

We topped off the day with an amazing lunch getting to know each other better and talking about the lessons we learned.

Let’s hope we can do this again soon!

sorrento 2 Sorrento Students Soar!

sorrento 3 Sorrento Students Soar!


sorrento 1 Sorrento Students Soar!


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DSC0964 copy M Little Girls Love Tea Parties!

Tea Party themes will be available soon.

For more information visit my website or on Facebook at

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DSC9199 copy M Easter / Spring Pictures

Every year in March or April I will host a Spring/Easter photo shoot for your children and/or families. Themes will vary from year to year with a little bit of luck I hope to have bunnies every year.

For more information, please visit my website at or on Facebook at

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This week our elementary school celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  I had a blast photographing some of the weeks activities.  We had crazy sock day, crazy hair day, and PJ day.  While I couldn’t attend every day here are some examples of the kids and parents creativity.

crazy hair 1 copy Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

crazy hair 2 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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Today Renee Williams and ITT teamed up for a fabulous workshop in downtown Napoli.  Renee taught students how to get their fancy dSLRs out of Auto and learn to shoot in manual to get THE shot!

It was a beautiful day that started out with cafe and learning how to shoot depth of field.  Then onto Galleria Umberto to capture this beautiful building on film.  Don’t forget the details and shoot CLOSER!

Next, Piazza del Plebiscito!  Wide sweeping views and learning how to shoot   s…l…o…w   and fast of the fountain in Piazza Trieste Trento.

Finally, don’t forget the dark churches…just how to you get shots in the dark anyway?  Just kidding…we visited a church in the piazza and worked on ISO, shutter speed and where did I put the tripod?  Oh right I was too lazy to carry it all day so I left it at home…now what do I do?  Want to find out?

Come to Renee’s next class with ITT in Sorrento.   Oh, and maybe her trusty side kick (me) will be with her to help out with questions too.

galleria 1 Check out these awesome students!

galleria 2 copy Check out these awesome students!

galleria 31 Check out these awesome students!

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So as you may know I spent the morning helping Renee Williams with her Pasta Shoot.  But THEN I was honored to photograph the Supply Corp Ball.  It was at a beautiful hotel in Pozzouli called the Hotel Gli Dei.  When I arrived, there was an A M A Z I N G sunset.  Then, the BEAUTIFULLY dressed guests arrived…the glamourous dresses, the handsome men in uniform it’s like attending Cinderella’s Ball.  The decorations were lovely and the place settings unique.  They plate chargers were custom from Giovanni in Vietri.  What a great idea!

See more pictures from the ball on my website HERE.

blog post Party all Night with Supply Corps!

Check out the gorgeous sunset and unique place settings.

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Saturday was a very busy day!  In the morning I helped photographer Renee Williams with her Pasta Shoot.  I prepared about 15lbs of pasta, washed pots & and bowls for each new baby.  Then I prepared their baths so they could clean up when they finished playing in the pasta.  I have to say my arms got a great workout lifting all those pots of cooked pasta and dumping their bath water!

All in all it was a VERY successful theme shoot.  See my sneak peek photos of the babies click HERE.  Now I am looking forward to wrangling bunnies and baby ducks for the Easter/Spring theme shoot.

behind the scenes1 Behind the Scenes of the Pasta Shoot.

Renee Williams multi-tasking

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Pasta Shoot

February 25, 2012

DSC7640 LR M Pasta Shoot

Want a fun theme shoot for your baby ages 3 months to 18 months? Come to my next pasta shoot. I will host them approximately every 6 months. Typically in the months of February and August. For more information, please visit my website at or visit me on Facebook at

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This year the immersion program at Naples Elementary School in Italy had an AMAZING program to celebrate Carnavale!  An Italian Theater group came to entertain the kids — what an great show!  Then, the kids all got to create their own masks which they wore in a parade around the school for the other kids, teachers and parents for enjoy.  It was an incredible sight to see…lots of confetti and fun flying around!

As many of you know I volunteer and take pictures for the school to use for their in school slideshows and maybe some will be used for the yearbook.  Here I can only share pictures without the kids of course but I hope you enjoy seeing Theater Group (clown, old lady, Pulcinella, and Casanova).

carnivale 1 Carnavale Its Elementary

carnivale 2 Carnavale Its Elementary

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February 13, 2012

Working with Renee Williams has been such a blast.  I was honored to assist her photographing twins.  OK so I didn’t really take any pictures since we had to wrangle the babies.  But I did capture this one shot of Renee in action.  We had a great time with an AWESOME family!

dsc 6851 a1 Twins!

Renee working her MAGIC!

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