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Last years Pumpkin Patch Mini Sessions (2012) were so much fun!  I had pumpkins, apples, straw bales, mums & more.  This year we will have pumpkin pies, pumpkins & more.  Sneak peaks coming soon.  I am just waiting for the pumpkins to ripen and then we will be good to go.

So keep an eye out for the dates here on my blog, or on my Facebook page.

Here are some of the pictures from last years pumpkin patch.

Pumpking Patch 1 2012 Coming soon...Pumpkin Patch October 2013

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I can’t believe I am already thinking about Christmas! But my calendar gets full pretty quick starting October through the first week of December.

If you are thinking about getting family portraits for your holiday cards NOW is the time to book your appointment with me!

Don’t wait until the last minute when…

1) I am booked solid with poor time & date choices
2) It’s cold outside meaning winter jackets need to be cute too! But then again I do loves cute winter scarves & hats!

Here is a sample of family pictures I took last year for the holiday!

So be sure to stop by and make your appointment for your family pictures today!  Click HERE to book now.

Holmes Family nov2012 105 Days Until Christmas...

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Real Estate

May 8, 2013

Working on some Real Estate Photography.  Having a blast doing HDR and seeing these GORGEOUS homes for sale.  If you need Real Estate photos taken be sure to contact me at

If your interested in purchasing this home or other homes in NOVA be sure to contact Tiffany Royce!

Tiffany Royce
Frankly Realty

Blog Collage Derrydale Real Estate

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May 7, 2013

These adorable kids came to me with their AMAZING Grandmother who was so awesome to have pictures taken of her grandkids for her kids.  She is an incredible lady!

Blog Collage Giere Cousins

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David & Kristi

May 2, 2013

I just have to say I was blown away by last weekends Bride and Groom.  They had so many amazing and creative ideas at their reception.  I will share more soon…but FIRST check out this DESSERT table!  How beautiful and amazing does this look?  It was hard for anyone to stay away from such adorable deliciousness!

Blog Collage 1367521244788 David & Kristi



Spring Fling Fun!

April 2, 2013

We had such a nice Easter this year and I hope you did too! This years Spring Fling Easter Mini Session were amazing. I must say I am so lucky to have the best clients. Here is a smattering of this years sessions.  Thank you to all My FABULOUS Clients!

Easter Cruz 20131 Spring Fling Fun!

Easter Hunter 20131 Spring Fling Fun!

Easter Kelly 20131 Spring Fling Fun!

Easter Kulzy 20131 Spring Fling Fun!

Easter Young 20131 Spring Fling Fun!


Spring Challenges!

March 20, 2013

So somehow February passed with a blink of an eye and I forgot to enter the Rock the Shot Challenge…disappointing!

It was one of my busiest months with clients, mini sessions, and family commitments. I am so proud of my two girls as they sold all their Girl Scout Cookies. The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby was fun and My oldest boy received his Cub Scout Arrow of Light (February) and crossed over into Boy Scouts (Early March). I am so proud of them all!

As many of you know I was busy with Pasta session, Newborns, the Girl Scout Winter Dance, and the Easter Bunnies in early March. Whew! I am grateful to all of you my clients for understanding and patience. We are all busy Mom’s and know how hard it is to have work/life balance. I struggle with this at times and would love to hear how you juggle it all.

I am blessed to have the best jobs: Wife, Mom and Photographer!

I would like to thank everyone for their support!

Ok to the point…here is my Rock the Shot Challenge for March: Floral Still Life.
I watercolored the photo in Photoshop and just fell in love with this picture. It’s one of my personal favorites! I hope you enjoy it too!

Paris Flower Market Spring Challenges!

Rock the Shot March 2013 Challenge: Paris Flower Market

banner 125px Spring Challenges!


So many of you may already know that my family moves around a lot.  My hubby is Navy and every couple years we pack up the family and move to a new location.  Not just local…but usually to different state or country.  Recently we moved to the Washington DC Metro Area and had to find a home from Overseas.  Yes this was a BIG move…we decided to buy a house.

It was a tough decision for us!  But we hope to stay around longer this time.  With 4 kids, 2 dogs, and my oldest going to Middle School and probably entering High School during the time we plan to be here we thought buying a place would be nice.  Plus it’s really tough to rent a place with a big family AND we have TWO dogs.  Crazy right?

So here we are unpacked, settling into our new home and really enjoying having a place that is ours.  Well…really we share it with the bank right?  But anyway back on topic…it’s really important when you move the have the right Realtor.  Finding that realtor from a distance can be really tough, especially finding one that is familiar with video conferencing!  Even more important is having one that you can trust to find the right house for your family is a big deal!

Now that I have lived here for 6 whole months I am meeting the locals and finding business’s I like AND ones I  feel confident in recommending.  So this is my first big recommendation here in Fairfax County!


Drum roll please…here she is a REALTOR I just adore.  She is so nice to work with and can really get the job done.  Tiffany Royce and her husband Jeff Royce are an AMAZING team and can handle all your real estate needs.  They have a great blog too!   Go check them out at the blog is super with tons of great info for buyers and sellers alike! Their company, Frankly Realty, has a great search engine that appeals to the detail oriented house hunter who likes to see the pictures. If you are looking for a home, try

2 Great Articles from their Blog:

BUYING A HOUSE THROUGH SYKPE - My family actually did this!


TiffanyFranklyTemplateCardFLoating 1024x600 Need an Awesome Realtor?

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St. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Does your little one have cards already?  If not, book a Valentine’s Mini session with me and get these cute custom 4×8 cards on CD printable anywhere and more!

To book an appointment for $75 just press the EASY BUTTON!


4x8 Girl VDAY Sydney FB1 1024x512 Valentines Day Coming Soon!

4x8 Card finn FB1 1024x512 Valentines Day Coming Soon!


BMP Valentines 975x10241 Valentines Day Coming Soon!


So last month I promised myself I would challenge myself each month, try new things, go out the box etc.

This month I worked with fashion photographer Michael Woodward.  Well I didn’t work WITH him, but got some training FROM him on studio lighting.  It was AWESOME!

I have been mostly a natural light photographer but here in Northern Virginia it’s VERY COLD in the winter…at least for me.  :)  So staying indoors AND shooting without my beloved natural light can be challenging!  So I went out the box and LOVED it!  I’m hooked on trying more creative studio lighting!  I have a few new things on my wish list like a beauty light and grids for my sweet bee’s.  Alien Bee’s that is…my lovely new YELLOW lights!  Yellow is my favorite color after all.

Next, on the list was to enter the ROCK THE SHOT January Photo Challenge:  Favorite Shot of 2012.  The entry is due by January 31st…I have gone over and over my photos and I am really am having trouble picking just ONE fav for 2012.  But here it is…a beautiful bride from a Napoli Wedding in July 2012.  One of the LAST photo shoots just days before I moved back to the USA.  It’s not everyday that I get the opportunity to assist with weddings.  But Renee Williams my FAVORITE photographer and she picked little ol’ me to assist her for the day and I got THIS shot.

I selected this picture at my favorite of 2012 because it reminds me of HOW FAR I HAVE COME over the last year.  In the beginning of 2012 I was just realizing how much passion I have for photography, and this shot shows how far I have come in a very short time.

It also reminds me of a very special PLACE, Napoli has wedged it’s way into my heart forever!

It reminds me of the FRIENDS I made in Napoli, they will ALWAYS be with me wherever I am…{choking up with tears so I am moving on…}

It reminds me of my love of TRAVEL, without it I would have never have found my passion and and met the people in my life that have changed me forever!

THANK YOU FRIENDS for supporting me and cheering me on from all over the world!  I treasure you all!

DSC 1403 crop FB Putting Myself Out There!

Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge: Favorite Shot of 2012
Photographer: Beth Moskal
Galleria Umberto in Naples, Italy
July 2nd 2012

banner 125px1 Putting Myself Out There!

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