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You have spent time and money getting coordinating outfits, getting hair styled, driving to your session, paying your session fees and all you purchased were some digital images. How often do you view those images?  Are they on your computer or social media?  Has your computer crashed so you don’t have the image anymore?  Can you find your images quickly?

So, was it worth it?

Isn’t it about time to see those amazing images of your beautiful family every day?  Freshen up your decor with prints of you and your family.

Don’t know what to buy?

No problem, let me help you!  Give me a call, email, or book a print consultation appointment online and let me help you decide what images would look fantastic on your walls.  I can help you decide if prints, metal, or canvas are best for your budget and style. Are you a visual person?  I can even design a wall for you so you can see what it would look like in person.  Scaled and sized to your home.  All I need is a quick picture of your wall.  Yes, iPhone pictures are fine!  First, tape up a piece of 8.5×11 paper to your wall horizontally then snap your picture.  It’s best if you take the picture from straight across the room, and be sure to include a little of the ceiling and floor to get the right perspective.

Voila! I can now custom design your wall like these… CollectionPreview 1024x748 Where did I put that digital image?     CollectionPreview1 1024x748 Where did I put that digital image?   CollectionPreview2 Where did I put that digital image?   CollectionPreview3 Where did I put that digital image? CollectionPreview5 Where did I put that digital image? CollectionPreview4 Where did I put that digital image?

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Luxury Condo

February 3, 2015

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to photograph this luxury one bedroom condo in Arlington, Virginia.   Located in a beautiful building, and a short walk to the Metro and arrive in Washington D.C. in just minutes.

The stunningly decorated condo had a private elevator entrance, and a laundry room.  The building had tons of amenities, including valet parking, a pool, hot tub, large fitness facility, theater room, party room and more.

FBSM72 LRDSC 7826 7 Luxury Condo FBSM72 LRDSC 7864 5 6 1 Luxury Condo FBSM72 LRDSC 7918 9 fused1 Luxury Condo FBSM72 LRDSC 8077 8 9 Luxury Condo FBSM72 LRDSC 8107 8 9 1 Luxury Condo FBSM72 LRDSC 8164 5 6 Luxury Condo

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Make an appointment for a fun Valentine’s Mini Session.  Pick from 6 different custom mini cards for your kiddos classroom.

ValentineMini1 300x214 Valentines Day Minis


ValentineMini5 300x214 Valentines Day Minis


ValentineMini4 300x214 Valentines Day Minis


ValentineMini6 300x214 Valentines Day Minis


ValentineMini12 214x300 Valentines Day Minis


ValentineMini8 214x300 Valentines Day Minis



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White Picket Fence

November 8, 2014

Don’t you just love a white picket fence.  Then this adorable home is for you!

BLOG RE Nations Street White Picket Fence

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Bravest Family!

November 2, 2014

Today was the windiest say ever!  The winds for this session was 20-30 mph gusting to 40 mph.  But this amazing family decided to brave the cold and wind!  I am so glad they did because they look amazing!

Donely Blog Web Bravest Family!

Bravest family ever!


So why would you want to hire a Professional Photographer to take your Real Estate pictures?  Here is a quick example:

BLOG SOOC Whats the Difference?

Here is the original picture which was taken using a tripod and a wide angle lens. Do you see how the home looks like it’s tilted backwards? Anyone can take this picture!

BLOG LREDIT Whats the Difference?

This is the same photograph edited with Lightroom Only. Adjusted for distortion, and basic editing.

BLOG HDR Whats the Difference?

This is a blend of three photos (including the SOOC taken on the tripod above) edited to get the best results without using any additional lighting equipment.

Which one would you choose?





Use a professional photographer and get amazing pictures for your listings.

Book an upcoming listing today by calling Beth Moskal Photography at 571-215-9254.

RE Blog Oberon 418x1024 Stand out from the Crowd


The studio space here at Beth Moskal Photography is always changing and improving.  I want to make sure your comfortable and the kids have fun here at the studio.  Here’s a some updated photos of the studio space so you know what to expect when you arrive for your session.

Please note that there are stairs to get into my studio and I have two dogs in the adjoining space.  If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to let me know.  I can always bring a little part of my studio to you and have a session in your home or on location.

BMP Studio.psd  Welcome to the Studio


Print Bigger!

December 2, 2013

Why do I always say PRINT BIGGER?  I LOVE 16×20′s for above couches, over fireplaces, and any place you would like to enjoy your print from across the room.

Don’t get me wrong 8×10′s & 5×7′s have their place.  See the little table behind the couch?  That would be a great place for small prints.  Or maybe on your end table, nightstand, or your desk.   Even  your hallway can be a great spot to have small prints in clusters.  You walk by them and your pretty close up so you can see who’s in the picture and enjoy them.  But from across the room you really want to make an impact in your decor and REALLY SEE who’s in the portraits.

Here’s the good news – All prints are on sale at 40% OFF through December 6th, 2013.  So take advantage of this great offer and spruce up your place with photos of your family.  You took the time to get all dressed up, drove all the way out to meet me, put up with all my paparazzi clicking, PAID a session fee.  Now what do you have to show for it?

Here are some examples of what things look like at 8×10 & 16×20 matted framed from across the room.  16×20′s better right?  Want something really bold?  Take a picture of your wall with just a 8.5×11 piece of copy paper taped to it.  Send me the jpg and with my new iPad & App I can custom design you a cluster for your wall.  See the bottom example “The BIG E” this is just one of many designs to choose from.

So go BIG!  Go BOLD!  Are you ready?  Need help?  Just drop me a line!


photo 1 Print Bigger!

This is what an 8×10 print of a family portrait of 5 people looks like from across the room.
Can you see it? Who is it?

photo 2 Print Bigger!
This is what a 16×20 Framed Print looks like from across the room.
Maybe you can see who it is now?
photo 3 Print Bigger!

This is what a custom ordered metal or canvas cluster can look like from across the room. (1-32×20, 3-10×13′s)







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Winter Mini Session 2013

November 12, 2013

This years Winter Mini Session was inspired by white holiday lights.  The pictures will be more intimate and close up which is great for holiday cards or gifts for family!

The mini session will be $75 and as usual it will be 20 minutes long.  It includes a personalized app, a Facebook Timeline cover picture, and an Online Gallery for purchasing prints and digital images.

I think you are all going to LOVE the new App feature!  I just love it and I am so excited for you all to see it!  It works not only on a computer, but also smart phones and tablets.  From the app you will be able to view and share you pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, and even text messages.

I will be selecting the pictures this time so I can get the final product into your hands faster.  I know this is a change too…but if you have ANY concerns, please let me know!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday November 17th 10am – 5pm

Please note if the date or time doesn’t work for you, send me a message and I can try and fit you in.  But appointment times are limited due to this busy time of year.  :)

Book your appointment today!

Winter Mini 2013 Winter Mini Session 2013

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