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Print Bigger!

December 2, 2013

Why do I always say PRINT BIGGER?  I LOVE 16×20′s for above couches, over fireplaces, and any place you would like to enjoy your print from across the room.

Don’t get me wrong 8×10′s & 5×7′s have their place.  See the little table behind the couch?  That would be a great place for small prints.  Or maybe on your end table, nightstand, or your desk.   Even  your hallway can be a great spot to have small prints in clusters.  You walk by them and your pretty close up so you can see who’s in the picture and enjoy them.  But from across the room you really want to make an impact in your decor and REALLY SEE who’s in the portraits.

Here’s the good news – All prints are on sale at 40% OFF through December 6th, 2013.  So take advantage of this great offer and spruce up your place with photos of your family.  You took the time to get all dressed up, drove all the way out to meet me, put up with all my paparazzi clicking, PAID a session fee.  Now what do you have to show for it?

Here are some examples of what things look like at 8×10 & 16×20 matted framed from across the room.  16×20′s better right?  Want something really bold?  Take a picture of your wall with just a 8.5×11 piece of copy paper taped to it.  Send me the jpg and with my new iPad & App I can custom design you a cluster for your wall.  See the bottom example “The BIG E” this is just one of many designs to choose from.

So go BIG!  Go BOLD!  Are you ready?  Need help?  Just drop me a line!


photo 1 Print Bigger!

This is what an 8×10 print of a family portrait of 5 people looks like from across the room.
Can you see it? Who is it?

photo 2 Print Bigger!
This is what a 16×20 Framed Print looks like from across the room.
Maybe you can see who it is now?
photo 3 Print Bigger!

This is what a custom ordered metal or canvas cluster can look like from across the room. (1-32×20, 3-10×13′s)







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